Fear of Duality

The exhibition “Fear of Duality” consists of new works by Đejmi Hadrović and Cathérine Lehnerer, and curatorial intervention by Mika Maruyama. While drawing situations where we produce “knowledge”, “Fear of Duality” is teeming with voices and non-voices, something barely visible through our experiences and memories. 

In her new video work Appartment 102 (2019) which depicts the artist herself looking straight but occasionally looking away vacantly, Đejmi Hadrović rises questions aroused from a book with the same title by Jadranka Cigelj, a survivor of the Omarska concentration camp, which was the most notorious camps in the Bosnian war. She is also one of the victims of systematic rape which had never been talked about, as it was an unwritten rule among the women to protect their moral in the patriarchy society. Later, she spoke up brutal and both physical and psychological violence (on mostly women) at that time for further justice. While having a subtle fear of atrocities that may have occurred or even have the potential to be performed in the future by members of her most trusted circle, the embodied memories of violence urges the artist and people mediated by a video camera and a screen reflect “themselves” in common examples. 

Cathérine Lehnerer’s installation made of cardboard and schooling placards invites spectators to linger and follow the metaphorical subconsciousness of human being, with her own abyss that will never be closed. As a teacher herself, she deals with pedagogical issues and the patriarchal power relations in schools, by treating the act of knowing the structure as a survival tool. 

A sound piece by two artists was conducted as a “private interview” about their own fear without knowing which kind of question would be raised beforehand, aiming at touching on how we could deal with or escape from these fears of duality in systems of daily life. 

Exhibition Date: 26. 6 -10. 7. 2019
Venue: Space107 (Liechtensteinstraße 107, 1090, Vienna)
Supported by ÖH AkBild
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