丸山美佳 / Mika Maruyama

Born in Japan, Mika Maruyama is a writer, curator, researcher and editor based in Vienna and Tokyo. She holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Yokohama Graduate School of Culture at the Yokohama National University, Japan. She is currently a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

With her interests in the convergence of media technology and politics of body, her practice reflects on transcultural representations in histories, construction of subjectivity and new forms of subjection and resistance. 
Her reviews and articles have appeared on art magazines and artist books, including Flash Art, Camera Austria International, BijutsuTecho and artscape. Her recent curating exhibitions include Body Electric (Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo, 2017) and Behind the Terrain (Yogyakarta, 2016 / Hanoi, 2017 / Tokyo, 2018) , the ongoing travelling exhibition project through Southeast and East Asia. In 2018, she started “Multiple Spirits”, a queer art zine in English and Japanese, with artist Mai Endo.

twitter/Instagram: @mikaloompa

2015 –
Doctoral Course in Academy of Fine Art Vienna, Austria
2012 – 2015
MA in the Graduate School of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University, Japan
2008 – 2012
BA in School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University, Japan

Guest lecture for artistic publication, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria, 2020
Guest lecture with Simo Kellokumpu, the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2020
Guest lecture, Kumo to Hoki in Tokyo, 2019 
Seminar and lecture (WS 2018 and SS 2019), the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

2015年~  ウィーン美術アカデミー博士課程在籍
2015年    横浜国立大学都市イノベーション学府建築都市文化専攻修了
2012年    早稲田大学文化構想学部表象・メディア論系卒業